MTT Plus SHDSL Test Module provides CPE installation, CO emulation pre-qualification, and IP/ATM services testing capabilities for service installation and verification. The module is based on the industry leading Lantiq SOCRATES chipset, offering best-in-class SHDSL performance and interoperability.

SHDSL is ideal for business class services, enterprise networks, and industrial communications that must rely on legacy copper based networks where fiber remains cost prohibitive. Utilizing SHDSL’s multiple pair bonding application enables robust data transmission over long copper lines.

  • CPE Emulation for standard SHDSL and SHDSL.bis
  • Standards SHDSL.bis line rates: Symmetrical 5.7 Mbps per pair
  • Key DSL metrics including Data Rate, SNR Margin, and line errors
  • EFM and ATM support
  • SHDSL/EFM mode for Ethernet based services, offering higher data rates and superior reach for Enterprise and Industrial applications
  • Legacy 4-Wire SHDSL/ATM Standard and Enhanced Modes
  • EFM Bonding and ATM Bonding up to Four Pairs
  • CO Emulation for line prequalification using real SHDSL signals
  • Based on the industry leading Lantiq SOCRATES 4e SHDSL Chipset

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